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Risks and Gambles | Because life is boring without a few risks

Avoid Data Gambles

There are some gambles that never pay off, I think, and one of these involves the data in your computer. It should be a fairly straightforward proposition really. There are many files in the hard drives of people, and quite a number of these are usually important and valuable. They may be valuable because they relate to your work, such as important letters or product data. Or they may be valuable because of sentimental reasons. The files could be videos of your kid babbling or walking around the living room, that sort of thing. Whatever the reason, these are files that need to be secured.

So ideally people should set up a system, whether it involves USB backup software, or some other method. And ideally it should be automated so that you can set it once, and then forget about it. Unfortunately, too many people think that it will take too much of their time and attention, and they never get around to setting up such as system. If they don’t have any data problems ever, then they’re lucky. But for the most part, many people do experience problems with their data. So a backup system is just something that everyone should have.

Gambling with Cleaning

I’m beginning to notice how the stuff I’ve been writing has begun to focus on what not to gamble on. It’s a bit funny really, but I think that the stuff does need to be said. And anyway, the more I talk about what it’s not okay to gamble on, the more it becomes clearer what stuff is okay to gamble on. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. So here I am again to talk about what not to gamble on. And this time, I’ll focus on cleaning.

This is one of those things where you want to make sure that it gets done right. If cleaning is done poorly, then you’re opening the door to cockroaches, mice and other bugs that love it when there’s food on the floor, or other particles and leftovers in the crevices and dark places around your house. Don’t let it get to this point. This is true whether you’re already living in a house, or are still building or renovating one. So look into builder’s cleans in Christchurch or whatever works best for your situation.

Choose Your Gambles

I think that it’s important to emphasize that you need to pick your gambles. It’s a bit like the idea of choosing your battles. You choose the battles that you can win, or that are worth fighting. Same thing, more or less, with taking risks. It doesn’t make much sense to take risks all the time.

So here’s an example. Think about your water supply at home. Why take risks with that? After all, there’s nothing particularly exciting about this risk. It’s not fun, and in fact it can be the opposite of fun if you get sick from contaminated water. So instead of taking risks with this, make sure to lock things down tight. This means that you will want to have high quality plastic tanks for storing water. You’ll want to make sure that the pipes that carry the water have no leaks, and are not open to contamination. You might also want to have some sort of filtration system at the point where you collect drinking water.

Gambles and Food Prep

When it comes to purchasing the ingredients for your food, you really want to take steps to reduce your exposure to risk. There shouldn’t be any debate regarding that. After all, when food is done right, you get a great experience out of it. But when food is done wrong, you can experience all sorts of nasty and unfortunate effects, such as certain illnesses. No one should have to go through that. That’s why it’s important to set things up so that the odds are in your favor.

So what can you do to improve your odds? Well, one step you can take is make sure to source your food from reputable and trustworthy establishments. You have to choose a good Tauranga butcher, if you’re looking for meat products in that area, for example. A good food supplier shouldn’t just provide you with food. They should also be able to educate you. They should be able to give you tips, for instance, regarding how to tell good fruit from bad, or good cuts of meat from not so great portions.

Gambles That Pay Off

When you take a gamble, you’re taking a chance on potentially succeeding, versus also the chance of possible failure. If it doesn’t work out, then you usually lose something. That could be money, or it could be something else. But if your gamble pays off, then you’re in good shape. I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you take a gamble and it pays off, then you should reward yourself. Of course, the reward will usually have to be proportional to the gain.

So if you win a fairly decent amount, then you can treat some loved ones or friends to dinner. And if you win something much larger, then the dinner will probably be at a fancy restaurant. Again, it’s not just about rewarding your loved ones. Think of these as rewards for yourself also. Or if you’re having a birthday, then you can look into getting some awesome Auckland cakes for yourself and your guests. The idea here is that you took a chance, you put yourself under some stress, so since it worked out alright, you should be able to enjoy.

Risks Businesses Take

Risk can come in very different forms and different contexts. Some of these contexts are quite obvious. Think about a casino or even a bingo hall. But others offer a different and less pleasant form of risk. Here’s one example. Consider a restaurant where the business owner is not very responsible.

There might be a pest problem. This could involve cockroaches or mice. Here, the business owner is taking a huge gamble, if he doesn’t take care of the problem right away. A customer might notice the bugs and post something on social media, which will create terrible word of mouth for the business. Or a customer might get sick because of the unsanitary conditions, and this will cause the relevant government bodies to launch an investigation. In this case, the risks are much too high. The business owner should have just brought in some experts to take care of the problem right away. Think West Auckland pest control or something similar. That way, the risks are reduced nearly immediately.

Risks and Places to Stay

I think that it’s important to choose a credible and trustworthy place to stay when you’re on the move. After all, travel already entails all sorts of risks. You worry that your baggage might get lost while you’re flying. You worry that you might get lost in an unfamiliar place, and so on. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to worry about matters related to where you’re staying and sleeping.

So try to find places that you can trust. So for example, find some good Taupo accommodation which will allow you to have peace of mind while you sleep. That way, you can save the risk taking and gambling for the next day’s adventures. By all means, go ahead and do some adventure trekking. Go hiking into places that are far from civilization. Climb up high places or descend into depths. Challenge yourself to do something way out of your comfort zone. But at the end of it all, lay down in a comfortable bed and lay your ahead against a soft pillow.